Simple apps to improve legal writing.

BlueLine Desktop automatically checks legal citations and quotes faster than you ever thought possible.

BlueLine Fetch allows nearly instantaneous access to case law from your preferred research platform.

Why BlueLine


BlueLine Desktop checks citations over dozens of pages in seconds, saving you hours of painstaking work.  This can free up time when it matters most!

BlueLine Fetch provides you access to legal authority nearly instantly.  This is about cutting a few seconds dozens of times a day.  By reducing the delay in accessing cases, writing becomes easier and more intentional.


BlueLine Desktop provides inline citation links to free online legal resources instead of expensive paid databases.

BlueLine Fetch can be used with Google Scholar to retrieve cases for free.  You can also use Westlaw or Lexis Advance and rates will be determined according your your subscription with those providers.


BlueLine Desktop looks for errors in your citations and quotes. Anything found is visually highlighted within your word processor for further review.

BlueLine Fetch helps improves the accuracy of your writing by helping you stay focused.  Every second retrieving case law, is a second you are distracted from crisp and intentional drafting.

Easy to Get Started

BlueLine Desktop works with the same software you already use every day to manage legal documents: Microsoft Word and your web browser.  It doesn't require any special training and is designed to be intuitive.  If you interested in BlueLine Desktop please reach contact us to schedule an installation consultation.  If you prefer to dive in, you can also download the application here.  

BlueLine Fetch is even easier to install.  It requires that you have Google Chrome installed on your computer.  You simply need to go to our product page on the Chrome Webstore and add the extension.  It takes 15 seconds.  Even thought the extension is installed through Chrome, it works anywhere on your computer and it works even when the Chrome browser is closed.

 If you ever need help making the most of BlueLine, our support team is on call to get you answers.


"Allows lawyers to immediately spot citation problems in the submissions of opposing counsel" - Branching Legal, Law Blog

"Rather than try to replace lawyers, this company is using modern technology to make their jobs easier" - Futurelawyer, Legal Tech Blog

"Part of a so-called revolution by a thousand innovations" - Solo in Colo, Legal Blog