1. BlueLine Desktop

This is our original product.  It securely installs on your computer and can be used to quickly process legal writing.  It turns all hyperlinks into URL's (linking to free copies of case law on our website) and checks all quotes for accuracy.  The program is quick and works best as either a last step in the editing process or a first step in processing an incoming piece of writing.

2. BlueLine Fetch

This Google Chrome extension retrieves cases (and other legal authority) in an instant.  The idea is misleadingly simple, but after over a year of development, we are confident you will be impressed with the results.  BlueLine Fetch can be launched a few ways:

  1. It can be triggered with a hotkey from anywhere on your computer, (control) + (shift) + 1 by default.
  2. It can be launched by clicking the extension icon inside of Google Chrome.
  3. Inside of Google Chrome you can can select text and then launch the application by right clicking.

Once you launch the program, it will read any text that has been copied into your clipboard and will automatically display the first citation it found.  You can search by pressing enter.  Aside from this basic functionality, there are a many additional features:

  • If your clipboard contains multiple citations, you can quickly toggle between them.
  • If you have previously viewed the case, BlueLine fetch will display the case name.
  • You can toggle the "All Citations" mode, to retrieve many cases at once.
  • When "Quick Mode" is selected the query will automatically submit, without the need to press enter.
  • You can also type searches directly into the search box.  As you type, BlueLine Fetch queries a local database of cases you have visited and suggests matches.
  • With the application open you can press (alt) to toggle to perform an ordinary google search.
  • Support for any search syntax used by your preferred research platform, meaning that queries such as (contract! /25 damages) will search Westlaw or Lexis as they normally would.

Currently BlueLine Fetch works with Google Scholar, Westlaw and Lexis Advance.  In the near future we will provide native support to view cases even more quickly on our website.