Why Trust Us?

BlueLine was dreamed up by two students and one professor at the University of Pennsylvania Law School.  Our business model is straightforward: provide you excellent software and eventually charge for it.  Security has been a central pillar of our development and we do not collect of use your personal information.  


BlueLine Desktop was developed with security in mind. It uses an AES-128 SSL certificate, meaning your connection with us is encrypted and private.  BlueLine Fetch runs inside the Google Chrome extension sandbox.  We use modern development platforms and always stay up-to-date to guard against any security threat. BlueLine never installs, views, or alters, anything on your computer outside of providing useful markup when you run the program.


BlueLine Desktop does not send documents from your computer. Instead, BlueLine extracts the citations and quotes to be checked, only using the minimum information necessary to compare to case law on our servers.  We do not retain logs of the snippets we do transmit. It is not possible for any of our employees or developers to determine anything about the content of your document.

BlueLine Fetch merely sends your search queries.  The application reads your clipboard locally, when you trigger it, but does not read any other files.  Again, the program runs inside the Google Chrome extension sandbox.  When you submit a query, we also send an anonymous copy of the query to our server so that we can better understand how the product is used.